I've been in Danbury for over three years and I love this city. I do have a problem every winter that makes me wonder if it's just me. The problem is that EVERY winter, one of the plow trucks blasts my mailbox into oblivion and back.

I've actually talked about this a lot and even brought it up to Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. The first time it happened, I got pissed and made a big deal out of it. Now it barely phases me.

I found out the first year that if you call the city and let them know this happened, they come out in the spring and fix it. To their credit, every time they knock it down, they come out and fix it.

The problem is that I refuse to buy a new one, because why should it cost me money? I don't buy a new one, and they keep putting the old one back up. The old one has been hit by a plow a few times now. The door does not open right and we have to tape the flag to the box. Not only that, but the post is barely hanging on; ya know, because it's been struck by a massive truck many times.

I feel like it's not cool for a truck the size of a small building to run itself into my mailbox again and again. I mean, I don't like getting mail, but this issue does not stop it from coming. One time, the mailbox was on the lawn because a giant city truck hit it, and the mail lady walked on the lawn and put the mail in the box.

Am I the only one? Am I doing something wrong? If your mailbox gets run over by a truck every year, is it enough for someone to come back and hammer the mangled box to a mangled post? Is this system a little flawed?


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