If you have a shared refrigerator at work or home, I think you can relate to what I've been dealing with at work.

Does the place you work at offer a refrigerator that anyone that works there can use to put things? Things that need to stay cold like lunch, snacks, or in this case the place where I put coffee creamer. If your job has one, have you ever had to deal with a fellow coworker using or eating your stuff? If it happened to you I need your help!!!


Coffee Creamer Thief at Work

I've waited for well over two months to say anything publicly but at this point, I'm beyond frustrated!! Like many of you reading this right now, I've been known to enjoy a few cups of coffee at work every day and thankfully the office management here at the radio station is kind enough to provide us with coffee K-cups and those small creamer things to lighting our coffee if we choose.

I never liked using those creamers because I can't get past the fact that dairy needs to be refrigerated and those things can sit out on the counter for months and don't go bad. Call me ridiculous all you'd like...LOL...but because of that, for as long as I can remember, I have always brought in my own creamer to work every week and recently it appears that someone at the station has begun to use it as it's put there for their enjoyment and consumption.


STOP Using my Creamer

Over the last two weeks, I noticed that every day there was less and less creamer in the carton, with the last straw coming the other day when I went to grab some cream and the container was empty!! So after weeks of keeping my mouth shut and swallowing my tongue, I thought its time for the creamer thief to be put on blast! At least that's what I thought when I wrote a note for the thief and stuck it to the new carton of cream.

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Yes, I was frustrated when I left the note but now it appears that I've upset some of the other people at work and have been asked to remove the note because it's too aggressive. UGH! Do you think leaving a note like the one pictured above is too aggressive? Just stop using it...LOL! Have you ever had to deal with something like this at your job? Do you have suggestions on what I should do moving forward? Let me know by either sending me an email or text through the Wolf Country app.

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