It’s becoming the norm these days where security breaches seem common place. We have a new one to tell you about. This time it’s an airline. If you’ve ever flown Delta Airlines through Bradley International, Newark, White Plains, Stewart the New York City airports, or anywhere they fly, you might be a victim.

The airline states that passengers' payment data may have been compromised in a cyber attack that took place this past fall. The hack occurred between the dates of September 26th through October 12th. The breach was contained by the end of October according to law enforcement. Only payment info was accessed, and no other sensitive data such as frequent flier info, according to a Delta spokesperson.

A company that partners with Delta and assists in processing customer information says the payment “platform is now secure”. Anyone victimized by the hack will not be responsible for any charges on cards that were exposed. For more information regarding this security breach click here. says just keep checking all your statements to protect yourself from hacks like this.

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