The theatrical industry has been hit extra hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and now we're starting to see the fall out.

The Westchester Broadway Theater in Elmsford had been bringing top notch plays and musicals to the area for more than 46 years, and now that is all coming to an end.

The theater announced they were suspending productions back in March due to the pandemic, now after the Broadway League, the group responsible for Broadway producers and theater owners, announced late last month that they wouldn't re-open until June 2021 at the earliest, the fate was sealed for the local Westchester venue.

A few days ago, employees were told in a written statement that the temporary closing would become permanent due to the nature of the business and the COVID-19 pandemic:

We cannot be a profitable business while being closed and it looks dim for any live theatre to be open for the foreseeable future. Dinner-Theatre presents unique social distance problems and would be the last entertainment category allowed to open.

To add insult to injury, the letter went on to reveal the fate of the theater itself.

The interior is to be destroyed and the building turned into a warehouse.

The initial concept of offering dinner and a Broadway quality live show began in Westchester in 1974, and now after 46 years and over 200 productions later, the theater has become another victim of the pandemic.

The stage also saw some 1,000 special events over the years that featured some pretty big names in entertainment, stars like Tom Jones, George Carlin, Paul Anka, Jackie Mason, Wayne Newton, Mickey Rooney, and many more all performed at the legendary theater.

According to, if you had purchased tickets to any scheduled performance, the theater is expected to make an announcement soon regarding the status of tickets and gift certificates

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