I'm not sure what to do now?

As the warmer weather takes over the Hudson valley just about all of us have the pleasure of having to head out to the yard once or twice a week to mow the lawn. I understand that some people look at mowing the lawn as a chore, some hate it others love doing it.

I personally fall on the LOVE IT side and after I moved into an apartment one thing I always missed doing was mowing my lawn. Living in an apartment in Poughkeepsie, I haven't had any need to mow a lawn for a few years so I really didn't have much need for any service to my lawnmower. Yeah, one thing I got when I got divorced was the mower....LOL!

Today that's changed a bit as my "lady" friend has a yard that in years past she would always pay someone to mow and I thought being the nice guy that I am I would offer up my mower and mowing skills to do her yard this year.

I grabbed the mower out of storage (it was sitting for 3 years) and tried to get it to start. I would have never thought leaving it sitting for as long as I did, it would give me so much trouble starting. I changed the gas, oil, air filter, and spark plug and it still wouldn't start. I talked to a few mechanic friends and they told me to change the carburetor. Wait, WHAT? I'm not the most skilled mechanic type so instead of making it worse, I decided to call the local lawnmower repair shop.

Google Maps
Google Maps

A-1 Lawnmower

Most towns in the Hudson Valley have one lawnmower repair place and with her living in Wappingers Falls, the first place I thought of was A-1 Lawnmower located on the corner of Lake Walton Road and Route 376 in Wappingers Falls. After looking up their phone number I tried to call and nobody answered. Maybe they were closed for the day? Nope, when I drove past their location it looks like they are permanently closed!

Did I miss them closing down? I hate to see places going out of business after so many years in business. According to a few reviews online it looks like they were in business for 30-plus years, so their closing stinks!

If you have any information as to why they closed please let us know. Also, if you know of a good LOCAL lawnmower repair shop, please let me know...LOL!

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