2022 is a great time to be a fan of professional wrestling. There is an innovative promotion catching fire nationally called All Elite Wrestling (AEW). They've reignited my love of the sport by respecting the history and forefathers of the art, and giving fans what they want, instead of what they think we want.

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AEW is making their Connecticut debut this week as they bring their flagship show Dynamite to the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, at 7 PM. I just had the pleasure of speaking with one of their stars Eddie Kingston, a salty veteran of the squared circle, with over 20 years of hard-fought falls and victories.

Credit - All Elite Wrestling
Credit - All Elite Wrestling

Kingston, originally from Yonkers, started his in-ring career in 2002, and paid his dues in sweat and blood working for numerous promotions, including Evolve, Chikara, Impact, Ring of Honor, and Combat Zone Wrestling, before signing with AEW in 2020. If you've seen his work, he's a master behind the microphone, and truly gives everything he has in the ring.

AEW Wrestler Eddie Kingston on His History With Connecticut.

I asked Kingston about AEW's Connecticut debut in Bridgeport, and he told me that, "Connecticut is very special to me, it's the first state that I wrestled in outside of Pennsylvania. A local promoter put on a show in the early 2000's, and brought me up, so Connecticut will always have a special place in my heart."

Eddie Kingston on His Philosophy Behind Cutting Promos.

Professional wrestlers build tension against their opponents by talking trash, it's known as "cutting a promo." Kingston is masterful behind a microphone, and his promos have become legendary. In fact, check this out, he's so good, he can even talk trash to a cookie:

Where Does Eddie Kingston Find His Inspiration for His Character and Promos?

From there, I asked Kingston if his real-life experiences influence how you cut a promo on your opponent? He said, "Well, that's why I don't call it 'Promos.' It's basically a therapy session, you know? I take everything from real life," he explained. "And I put it into my promos, or as I like to call it, my therapy session. I speak what I would say in real life, and how I really feel. I'm not gonna lie, pro wrestling is just like work, there's certain guys that you just don't like, and you still gotta go and work with them, but in pro wrestling, if I don't like a guy, I'm allowed to tell him how I feel. That's the difference between a regular job and pro wrestling. A regular job, you can't tell a guy next to you that you don't like him, and to F-Off, but in wrestling, if I don't like you, and I have a microphone, I'm going to tell you to F-Off!"

What Can Wrestling Fans Expect When AEW Dynamite Comes to Bridgeport's Webster Bank Arena?

Kingston is going to have a "Therapy session" with the one and only Chris Jericho in Bridgeport tomorrow night at the Webster Bank Arena. AEW Dynamite will broadcast live on TBS at 8 PM, and if you want to be there and witness it in person, tickets are still available at Ticketmaster.com.

Thank you Eddie Kingston and AEW, we truly appreciate you, and if you liked that interview, check out my two previous chats with wrestling legends Mark Henry and Matt Hardy.

Credit - All Elite Wrestling
Credit - All Elite Wrestling

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