On Wednesday March 3rd (2021) TJ Murphy posted a video to Youtube of an ice hockey game from inside Danbury's Lake Waubeeka.

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The video was interesting because, unless you live there, you don't get to see inside the private community. It's even more interesting because the perspective of the game is the same a bird would have.

Aerial Views of Pond Hockey Game at Danbury's Lake Waubeeka

You can see the amazing full video below.

This is the kind of hockey I am into. I can barely skate so I'm going to need a sufficient amount of room to fall. Your typical indoor hockey setup does not allow for a pillow of snow to fall in. Instead, you go flying into a wall and smash your teeth out of your skull.

Whenever I draw attention to a local Youtube video, I like to encourage people to subscribe to the channel. Youtube is a tough game and gathering subscribers is the whole key. Just type TJ Murphy into the search bar or open the video in Youtube. TJ has other great local content.

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