I'm a member of a few Waterbury groups on social media and I love lasagna. I've seen quite a few posts in the Waterbury groups over the past few weeks from grateful, joyful Waterbury residents who have been involved in and spreading the word about an international movement of kindness called Lasagna Love, and, I love it.

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If you're new to the party like I am, the Lasagna Love movement was started in 2020 by former New Englander Rhiannon Menn as "A platform that connects neighbors for home cooked meal deliveries." Specifically, a lasagna. What's it all about? In a nutshell, you can sign up at lasagnalove.org to cook and donate, or request a free lasagna. No strings attached, well, except for layers of stringy mozzarella cheese anyway.

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The Lasagna Love movement and its 25,000 volunteers have delivered over 150,000 lasagnas to over 600,000 families and individuals who are in need of the kindness and love that a home-cooked lasagna, home-delivered, brings. I think it's such a wonderful concept. The simple act of cooking a lasagna and bringing it to your neighbor who is struggling, unable to pay a bill, or an elderly neighbor who is stuck inside with all of the snow and ice we've been getting lately. Imagine how satisfying a heaping helping of one of the ultimate comfort foods must be to the recipient? And the chef?

The gratitude that came across in the posts on the Waterbury social media sites from Lasagna Love chefs who have given, and those who have received a free lasagna is so heartwarming. You never know what someone is struggling with and we've all felt the effects of the pandemic. I hope that you look into Lasangalove.org, dust off your nonna's recipe, and give someone in need a bite of comfort.

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