New country is what we are all about and we not only have a new song for you but a not-so-new artist too. Aaron Watson has been around for quite a while making music and this week his new single, "Outta Style", debuts on KICKS 105.5.

To me, not only are his vocals reminiscent of Brad Paisley, he seems to have a lot of the country superstar's style too. "Outta Style" reminds me a bit of "Last Time For Everything". With lyrics like:

We're never going outta style
I was thinking, while the sun is sinking, low we could go all night
Never going outta style in my Chevy, parking at the levy
Getting hot and heavy after all this time
The trends will come and go
The winds of change will blow
The way we love is never going outta style singing

Can't wait to hear it on the radio? Check out the video below:

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