Connecticut residents are feeling the pain at the pump, AGAIN. According to News 12, "a gallon of regular gas jumped 20 cents from last week." AAA says the national average is now $3.66 but Connecticut's average is $3.71.

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AAA Spokesperson Andrew Gross says:

"The situation overseas with war in both the Middle East and Ukraine has the oil market on edge. But this is also the time of year we may see a bit of a lull in gasoline demand between the end of spring breaks and ahead of Memorial Day. So the national average for gas may waffle a bit with small increases, some flat days, and even some price dips."

This means we could all use some belt-tightening, and we need to know where the cheapest gallons can be found in the Nutmeg State. Here is some of what I found with the help of Gas Budy.

The cheapest gallon of gas appears to be in Southington, CT at the Cumberland Farms on 909 Queen street. The cost for a regular gallon of gas there is currently $3.29 as of (4/23/24).

Here are some of the best prices from around the state:

  • Southington - Cumberland Farms - 909 Queen Street - $3.29
  • New Milford - Mercury - 222 Danbury Road - $3.33
  • Newington - Sam's Club - 76 Rowley Street - $3.34
  • Manchester - Gulf - 653 Center Street - $3.35
  • West Hartford - Metro Cito - 1137 New Britain Avenue - $3.39
  • Berlin - Citgo & Atlantis Fresh Mart - 109 Berlin Turnpike - $3.39
  • Meriden - Petrex - 291 West Main Street - $3.39

Greater-Danbury Area Cheapest:

  • New Milford - Mercury - 222 Danbury Road - $3.33
  • Danbury - Road Runners - 282 White Street - $3.49
  • Danbury - Citgo - 351 Main Street - $3.53
  • Danbury - Gulf - 28 Main Street - $3.49
  • New Milford - Express Fuel - 20 Danbury Road - $3.45
  • New Milford - Valero - 315 Danbury Road - $3.45
  • Brookfield - BJ's Wholesale - 106 Federal Road - $3.49
  • Brookfield - Costco - 200- Federal Road - $3.49
  • Brookfield - Citgo - 177 Federal Road - $3.49
  • Bethel - Sunoco - 82 Stony Hill Road - $3.57
  • Newtown - Citgo - 131 Mount Pleasant Road - $3.46

NOTE: These prices fluctuate daily and not all stations prices are listed. 

Natnan Srisuwan
Natnan Srisuwan

Happy hunting everyone. Can we just catch a break please?

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