We have all been so focused on nature, the weather and all its fury. I thought that I would bring you a peaceful and beautiful moment.

Scrolling through my Facebook feed has been a nightmare. I am sure that you have felt the same way lately. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and this morning's news of the massive earthquake in Mexico that struck overnight has been a lot to take in. But as I was going through the effects of all of these natural disasters, I saw something that made me stop and click.

The colors of autumn were spilling out from an incredibly beautiful sight. Seeing Tahquamenon Falls in all of its glory made me want to click further, so I did. Off to Michigandnr.com I went and found that these falls are the centerpiece of more than 50,000 acres and 13 miles of Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Most of this is woodland without electricity but with an incredible power all of its own.

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