The odd, the unusual, the unexplained. All of it is intriguing and cool stuff to me and I found a place in Middletown, Connecticut that fits all of those things and more.

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There is nothing quite like a cemetery and Connecticut is full of incredible, creepy, extremely old, and historic cemeteries. The Connecticut Valley Hospital Cemetery is one of them and a big thank you to "Mobile Instinct 2" on YouTube for the heads up about it. This guy travels around the world looking for oddities, abandoned places, movie locations, and scenic views. Wow, what a cool freaking job.

YouTube/Mobile Instinct 2
YouTube/Mobile Instinct 2

According to 'Mobile Instinct 2', it was originally known as the Connecticut General Hospital for the Insane. Not a real exciting name for it, but it at least explains what the place was basically for. The psychiatric ward was pretty big with 80 buildings and opened in 1868, about 154 years ago. The original graveyard was used from 1878 to 1957 with just under 1700 bodies buried there.

The unique thing is, there are no names on the headstones, only numbers. 'Mobile Instinct 2' goes on to say that research is hard to find and a lot of odd deaths took place. Odd deaths like suicides, fires, drownings in bathtubs, and even a bull attack are all believed to have taken place on the property.

Take a look at the pics and the YouTube video from Mobile Instinct 2. Very creepy, odd, and interesting stuff.

Connecticut General Hospital for the Insane Cemetery

The Connecticut Valley Hospital Cemetery is located in Middletown and the odd, unique thing about it is, that there are no names on the gravestones, only numbers.

MTV's Fear At St. Agnes Hospital for the Chronically Ill - Fairfield State Hospital

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