Even at 53 years of age, the words Toys "R" Us makes me smile, and want to go check out the Star Wars toy aisle. Well Danbury, we can again.

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It may be a lot smaller with a lot less product, and it may be located inside Macy's, but Toys "R" Us is officially resurrected. As of right now, you can shop at Toys "R" Us inside Macy's locations across the US, online, and in Connecticut at Macy's in Danbury Fair, Westfarms, Post Mall, Trumbull Mall, Buckland Hills, and Stamford.

I was so happy when Macy's announced that they were bringing back the icon from my childhood back in July. Shopping at Toys "R" Us was everything for us as kids. A whole store devoted to what you wanted most in that part of your life - toys, education, and fun. Toys "R" Us remained a shopping stop for me through life until the whole thing went under in 2017.

Well, now you have to make your way past the latest sweaters from Ralph Lauren on your way to check out the new Marvel Universe offerings. That's better though, right parents? Before you had to feign interest for 15 minutes, now you can gaze over into footwear and those gorgeous Le Creuset Dutch Ovens.

The official Grand Opening Celebrations for Toys "R" Us inside Macy's locations nationally is happening Saturday, October 15 - Sunday, October 23, 2022. There are special events slated for each of the 9 days. You can find out more by clicking here.

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