Please forgive me D'Amelio and Nardelli families. Also, I'd like to say I'm sorry for what I'm about to say to Ann's Deli, Katz's Deli, and Sweet Bella. This simple Waterbury boy has moved to Torrington, and I've finally tried a grinder from a longtime local legend that my new neighbors have been telling me about, and damn, I'm going to stick around for awhile.

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Every day you learn something new, right? I learned yesterday that the fattest grinder sold here in Connecticut is lovingly constructed in my new hometown of Torrington. While many of my new neighbors have loved Carbone's Market at 221 Oak Ave in town for years, I just had a Carbone's 12" Italian Combo Super-Sub last night, and I'm still in bliss today. Why? Because I swear that there was at least a pound and a half of meat on that grinder, and it was only $17.


That says something, because very recently, I paid $18 for a grinder in Brookfield, and it had 2 slices of meat on it. TWO. Listen, I realize that the price of everything is stupid lately, but I think we have a good sense on when we're being gouged. $18 for a 6 inch grinder, with two slices of ham and 1 slice of cheese irks me to the core.

On the converse, Carbone's Market in Torrington, which has been a local legend since 1945, piles the sandwich meat onto their beautiful loaves of Militie's bread "Dagwood"-sandwich high. I might not live in Waterbury anymore, but I can still find my beloved Militie's. Ahhhh.

Oh, and if you also like your grinder choices simplified, Carbone's is great there too. 33 of your favorite toppings in alphabetical order, and you can order it on a hard roll, or three sizes of grinder. I spoke with a couple of the very pleasant workers who welcomed us wide-eyed transplants (Me and the Mrs.) with open arms, and meat-slicers blazing. If you're looking for a place that truly gives you a fat grinder that will take about 20-30 minutes to eat, go check out Carbone's in Torrington, on Tony's Way, bravo chefs.

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