It was about 3 am in the morning on a Thursday just outside of Olathe, Kansas when we got kicked out of a Denny's. Apparently, they were not all that happy that seven loud-mouthed intoxicated 20-somethings came into their establishment, purchased the all-you-can-eat breakfast bar, and then proceeded to eat the equivalent of 7 horses worth of food. I guess, to them it was not cool at all.

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It happened to us another time at a Denny's in Lawrence, Kansas and it was about the same scenario, but that time one of our entourage was completely out of control and our dismissal was warranted. Each time, however, I want the record to show, that we paid in full and did not destroy any property, just having way too much of a good time. Denny's was open 24 hours, so oftentimes it was visited by the club and bar goers after a night of adult beverages.

Sad news for the barflies and fist-pumping clubbers around the Elm Street location of Denny's in Enfield, they are now permanently closed. That's right kids, according to The Patch, after 45 years the Denny's in Enfield is now closed. A moment of silence for Denny's...the property records say it was built in 1976, so it had a good run of 45 years.

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Google Maps

The Patch shared a more recent picture of the establishment with a huge dumpster parked outside of the once thriving franchise on Elm Street in Enfield. Another picture had a sign that reads:

"To Our Valued Customers: Effective 9/13/22 this unit is permentally closed. Pleae visit us at our Vernon location 35 Talcottville Rd or Springfeild location 1284 Boston Road"

Misspellings aside, it is a sad day for the fans of Denny's in Enfield. Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, that particular location was no longer open 24 hours and now is open 0 hours. Another casualty of the tough times, but, like we said, it had a good run. Not sure what the location will transform into, if anything, but if anything does happen we will let you know. Thanks for hanging out with me, and I will see you again really soon.

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