Possibly the easiest and yet the most difficult part of my job at the same time is choosing the Feline Friday video. I realize the great responsibility of choosing just the right video to get your weekend off to the right start.

Meow, I know what mew are thinking: there is an entire internet filled with cat videos to choose from, what could possibly be so hard? That right there is the problem for several reasons:

  1. The choices! Oh, the choices!!
  2. The time it takes to go through each video to pick the purrfect one
  3. Selecting the theme
  4. Getting caught up in watching them and then the whole day goes by and I have done nothing but watch kitty clips all day. (aka research)

This week a shout-out to my bestie Christine Addiego from Malverne, New York. Even though she is not now and has never even remotely resembled a Crazy Cat Lady, she knows me oh, so well and sent this cat video for me to purr-use. May I present, The Feline Alarm Clock:

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