Happy Feline Friday! What a crazy week it has been. Tuesday's weather craziness had many of us driving through insanity to get home. Some areas are still without power. I was talking to a co-worker who politely warned me that he was not in the mood for humor. Only a true friend would warn you like that before they start throwing laptops and office supplies at you.

Whether we are in the mood for humor or not, who isn't in the mood for a cat video. Especially now? I was trying to find something that would really make sense for anyone who may be grouchy, tired, exasperated,etc. Wouldn't you know it? Maru, our favorite internet feline, to the rescue. He is not the world's most watched cat on the internet for nothing, ya know.

Here ya go, let's watch "Wobbling Maru" together. Happy Feline Friday, Happy Caturday and if you are still without power, I hope that you get it back very soon.

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