Here's everything you'll need to build the perfect money-making lemonade stand.

We couldn't believe that in 36 states across the U.S. it's illegal for kids to put up a lemonade stand without a permit to do so. Thankfully, New York and Connecticut aren't two of the states that have a ridiculous rule like this, so if you have kids who are thinking about having them set up a lemonade stand outside at some point this summer, we have all the ingredients that we equal big sales.

Before we get to everything you'll need, we think one of the most important things to a successful stand is location. So if you live on a low-traffic road say in Kingston, or in the woods in Pine Bush, our steps might not work for you, but if your neighborhood has some steady traffic they should help you out.

8 Things You'll Need to Build A Successful Lemonade Stand

Items to put together a great lemonade stand.

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