Meditation, yoga, prayer and exercise are all good ways to reduce stress and avoid anger.

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What if you wanted to induce it? How would you go about that? If you wanted to piss someone off, what would you do? What would you say? There are 8 Ways to do it in my hometown, Danbury, Connecticut.

8 Good Ways to Piss Off a Danbury Resident

Why would you want to piss off someone from Danbury? I'm not exactly sure but if that is your goal, at least one of the 8 things will work.

I consider myself a bit of an expert on the matter, anger has always been my "go-to" emotion. As I have gotten older, at least I can recognize how pointless it is, and take steps to remove it from my array.

All that said, I still get angry, and what gets people riled up, especially in Hat City? You don't believe me? Go ahead and try those on someone from the D-Block and see if they don't see red, at least once.

George is getting upset! 


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