Since the Connecticut Garlic Festival is this weekend, I was doing a little research and came across this article on on this wondrous bulbous plant. For instance, did you know:

  • Garlic purifies your blood and flushes out toxins in your system. By taking two cloves of raw garlic with warm water in the morning and then drinking lots of H2O during the day you can clear up your skin. Add half a lemon's juice to that and you will lose weight.
  • Got a cold? sip some garlic tea and it will relieve congestion.
  • Lower your cholesterol. You must eat it raw or semi-cooked or you will lose the benefits of the anti-oxidant Allicin which is contained within.
  • It's an anti-bacterial and gets rid of fungal and parasitic infestions too. In fact, it's done that for more than seven thousand years!
  • Studies have shown that it helps prevent cancer
  • It's great for your skin and hair. It can ease exzema, cure athlete's foot and ringworm and can even reverse hair loss.
  • Got a splinter? Cut a clove and put it right on top of that nasty wooden invader. Cover with a bandage and that sucker doesn't stand a chance.

A few words of caution. If you have asthma, there could be serious side-effects from garlic. Don't eat more than 3 cloves in a twenty four hour span and avoid garlic before surgery.


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