Summer, the season of doing things, is nearly upon us. Many people typically construct their summer plans around activities, but I suggest a different approach: begin with the meals.

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There's nothing worse than embarking on a day-trip only to be faced with the pressing question, "What are we going to do for dinner?" After spending hours engaged in activities under the scorching sun, waiting until everyone is hungry to consider meal plans can spell disaster.

In the past, I've often made the mistake of procrastinating on deciding where to eat, but this year, I'm taking a different approach. I'm prioritizing meal planning, starting with the cherished waterfront restaurants.

7 of the Best Waterfront Restaurants in Connecticut

What is better than a delicious meal at a fine-dining establishment? Lunch or dinner on an outdoor patio, overlooking the water. I wanted to get you prepped for summer so I did a little research to identify 7 of the Best Waterfront Restaurants in Connecticut.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

With the exception of Down the Hatch, none of these restaurants are conveniently located near my home in Danbury. So, whenever my wife suggests dining by the water, I understand it means a road trip, consuming an entire day, and a massive headache. I attempted to divert her desires by offering to make her a sandwich and pointing out puddles in the driveway, but that has not gone well for me.

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P.S. Down the Hatch in Brookfield is officially open! I spoke the owner Scott the other day and he was complaining like you read about. He was in mid-season form with the F-Bombs. That is a good thing, the angrier he gets, the better customer experience he delivers.

My Daughter Vida and I @Down the Hatch
My Daughter Vida and I @Down the Hatch

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These are in no particular order

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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