Do you remember playing any of these classics?

Back when we were in school most of us always looked forward to gym class, right? I understand that as we got older some didn't look as forward to it as I did, but c'mon some of those games we used to play were sooo much fun!!

Join us on a stroll down memory lane with the 7 games we miss most....

Parachute Game

I know that when I was in elementary school and we got into the gym and saw the parachute on the gym floor we all got super excited. If I remember correctly we would all grab a section of the parachute and lift it up and down as certain kids we try and go in and out before it hit the ground.


Deb called us from Poughkeepsie to share that kickball was here favorite. I loved it too and loved that we could play it inside or out, my favorite was inside because sometimes it would end up a pop up game of dodgeball.


Dodgeball was the game that got the most mentions on the Wakin' Up With CJ and Jess Show today. You either loved or hated it, because you were either good at it or not and not being good at it could be painful. Jamie called us to let us know that his gym teacher and 6th grade teacher Mr. Carson was "deadly" at it and would knock kids right off their feet when he played. That might be why kids cant paly anymore...LOL!

Crab Soccer

I've never played but from what everyone is saying, kids would walk around like a crab, kicking a huge ball around trying to get it the goal.

Mat Ball

Cletus called us to share his favorite, "mat ball". He explained that it was kind of like kickball but they would use gymnastics mats as bases and they would be put in the corner of the gym and instead of having to just run to the mats once, you would have to run around twice.

Mother May I

Loved this one too!! If you never played, we would pick someone to be the mother and players would have to ask how many steps each person can take. The object was to try and make your way to the other side of the gym to reach mother.

Scooter Butt Boards

Remember the blue, or maybe they were yellow small boards that had four little wheels on the bottom? Anyway I forget what the object was, but I do remember turning our gym class into a demolition derby anytime we could play with them.

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