Way back when almost every car had these things in them, not so much today.

If you've been driving for sometime now, like me, you remember back in the day that the interior of cars were different than they are today. I never really noticed it so much until the one day my daughter was looking inside an older car at a car show and asked me what those weird things were on the car doors.

I was like what are you talking about? She pointed to the door window cranks and asked, "what do those things do?" After a long pause, I answered, "Honey that's what we used to roll the windows up and down". She couldn't believe it!...LOL!

After consoling myself and realizing that I'm getting old quick, I thought about some of the other things that aren't including inside of cars anymore. Here's what I came up so far. If I missed anything please feel free to text me through the Wolf app.

6 Things That Are No Longer in Cars

Things you don't find in cars anymore.

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