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At this point, Bank Street Theater had their screening of the original Halloween movie, the radio station Halloween Party is all set and ready to go for Murphy's in Newtown and Halloween 2019 itself is just days away.

The hype is starting to build and if you're like a lot of procrastinators around here, you're desperately scrambling to lock down some sort of costume before all the Halloween pop-up stores are nothing but broken talking skulls, empty racks and a few gruesome looking rubber limbs on the floor.

For those of you who find yourselves in a situation where you have to dress up this year, we've got you covered in the most "Danbury" way possible. These are six of the laziest (and cheap) Danbury Halloween costumes for all of you slackers in the Hat City's local area. Click the titles for the direct link:



Have a safe and happy Halloween, you slacker.

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