I had no idea!

After writing the other day about how, for me, one of the scariest roads to drive on in the Hudson Valley is hands down the Taconic State Parkway. My grandma played a major factor in my fear...LOL.

After having a bunch of people send me all kinds of information about the Taconic, from how they love driving it, to how they also are scared to drive it, I thought I needed to share some of the things I had no idea about it.

Longest Parkway in New York State

The Taconic starts it's winding 104.12-mile lenght in Valhalla, New York and runs north and south all the way to Chatham in Columbia County where it meets and ends at Interstate 90.

President FDR Was Instrumental in the Taconic Being Constructed

32nd President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was the biggest name and mind behind the parkway happening. In the late 1920's FDR became the chairman of the Taconic State Park Commission, which was tasked with mapping out how the parkway would provide a scenic route for people to travel into the Hudson valley and into the Catskills. It would also provide travelers access to existing and planned state parks along it's route according to Wikipedia.

It'll be 100 Years Old in 2027

Ground broke on the first part of the parkway in Westchester back in 1927, with construction lasting through 1932 according to NYC Roads. The Taconic didn't make it's way into Dutchess County until sometime in the late 1930's and had a route through the whole county by 1955. It continued into Columbia County and was pretty much completed sometime in 1963.

You Can't Get Gas Anywhere

In the early days the Taconic was home to three service areas including the Briarcliff Wells service station. In the Hudson Valley we had the Todd Hill Rest Stop, which in now a Taste of New York stop, and the Shenandoah service station, which closed down in 2002. If you need gas while traveling the Taconic, there are plenty stations off most exits.

No Trucks are Allowed

The Taconic is a parkway, and just like all parkways in New York, commercial vehicles are prohibited from driving on them. If you car or truck has commercial license plates, it's not supposed to be on the Taconic at anytime. Side note, yes that does include radio station vehicles as well, as I've been pulled over by police a few times to remind me that it's not allowed.(NO, I didn't get a ticket, just a strong talking to 😉.)

BONUS FACT....It's One of New Yorks Most Dangerous Roads Every Year

Back in 2016 it was announced that over a three year period there were some 2,080 accidents in Westchester and Putnam counties alone. Speed always seems to be a factor in reported accidents, which is why if you drive the Taconic, you might notice that there is almost always a State Trooper somewhere along the road.

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