Some consider it the most wonderful time of the year in Connecticut. 'Tis the season of "collecting and evaporating clear, watery sap into tasty, golden syrup," as Mommy Poppins puts it.

We're talking about maple sugaring season, and according to, the traditional time to make maple syrup in Connecticut is from now (early February) until late March.

The reason that this time of the year is the best time for maple syrup here in the state is because of the freezing nights and warmer, sunny days. It's the perfect climate necessary for the maple tree to yield sap, which is the key ingredient to delicious Connecticut maple syrup.

So where can you celebrate, learn about maple sugaring, and get your hands on some of Connecticut's best maple syrup? Check out this map of five locations in our area you might want to check out. More info about each is listed below:

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    Flanders Nature Center - Woodbury, CT

    Located at 596 Flanders Road in Woodbury, their sugar house is open for tours on Saturdays and Sundays from February 23 through March 10. You'll learn how maple syrup was first discovered by Native Americans, and you can't leave without picking up some tasty maple treats in their Sugar House.

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    Sullivan Farm - New Milford, CT

    You'll find Sullivan Farm at 130 Park Lane Road, and you can stop by anytime during February or March to watch the staff and students tap over 1600 trees, which produce some of the the best maple syrup in the state.

    If you see the steam rising from the sugar house, stop in immediately, that means the maple syrup is almost ready.


  • 3

    Ambler Farm - Wilton, CT

    Ambler Farm is family-run, and located at 257 Hurlbutt Street. On March 2, they are having an open house. Farmer Jonathan will share the New England tradition of maple sugaring. Bring the kids, because you'll have a chance to actually tap a tree, take a maple syrup test, and lots more.

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    Warrup's Farm - Redding, CT

    Located at 11 John Read Road, you can stop by any Saturday or Sunday during March and watch the wood fire evaporator boil away, see the buckets gathering the sap on the trees, and try some of their yummy maple syrup and maple candies.


  • 5

    Maplefest — Sharon

    This is one of the many Maple Sugaring Festivals in Litchfield County. Stop by the Sharon Audubon Center at 325 Cornwall Bridge Road on March 21 for a fun day of celebrating everything Maple. Enjoy ongoing, guided, 45-minute tours of the center’s sugaring operation, including a working sugar house and a re-creation of Native American and early colonial sugaring methods.


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