Did you hear Rihanna is pregnant?

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Yes, its true and people are really excited about it. Earthlings are so delighted that they seem a bit distracted from the fact that the sun broke and four UFO's were shot down in the last week.

Scientists were floored when they took a close look at recent video from the James Webb Telescope. According to the NY Post, a piece of the sun broke off. The report Experts suspect it has something to do with the sun's magnetic field but admit they cannot be sure.


Then, four separate Unidentified Flying objects were shot down in the last week. We were able to identify that one of them was a Chinese spy balloon but the other three remain a mystery right now. Some of the pilots say that the UFO's had no identifiable propulsion system and the U.S. Government has not ruled out extraterrestrials.


So you're a person sitting at home and you hear all of this, maybe we shot aliens out of the sky, the sun has broken and Rihanna is preggers. You hear all of that and you're most interested in RiRi having her second baby with a guy named A$AP Rocky.

I guess there are two ways to look at this. The first is, we are the dumbest creatures to ever have the blessing of life and the other is a story of resilience. Maybe we are so mentally tough that we don't get truly shaken anymore. Maybe life does go on and there is not a damn thing that can stop it.

Why stop and panic? Why dwell in fear or matters of anxiety? Instead, we we can distract ourselves with games and gossip. I don't know if I should feel pride or disgust so I'm going to shock the world and be positive for once.

WE DID IT Y'ALL! They said we couldn't handle the truth. They said if we learned the truth, this whole house of cards would come down but we did not falter. We got up, went to work and judged the Super Bowl commercials instead.

Wait, I decided I'm not done. Even if we find out later that these were Canadian weather balloons or an identification mistake was made (3 times), how could you not be excited right now? What about getting one-step closer to the meaning of life is boring to you? Who are you?

What about aliens? What say you?

2023 is a weird place to be bruh.

P.S. Project Blue Beam oversimplified:

What "Project Blue Beam" is supposed to be:

  • A top-secret collaboration by the United Nations and NASA to fool humankind into one religion which will ease the path to one world government.
  • "They" plan to use satellites to beam ultra-realistic images into the atmosphere that all humans would be able to see at once.
  • These images would or could be of religious figures or symbols that are recognizable, they could also be of UFO's and or/extraterrestrials.
  • OK, they shoot their pictures in the air, we all see them, they bombard us with visual images until we all believe one thing, they got us.
  • Now that we are all one religion, it's much easier to convince us all that a one world government AKA New World Order is a good idea.
  • The New World Order takes hold of Earth, run by, you guessed it, The Antichrist and word devolves into chaos, it's anarchy everywhere and terror is the "feel" of the year.
  • Once everyone is ruled by the Antichrist and the New World Order the imagery continues on, with the satellite projections, there are other tech driven mind control tactics used as well, to keep us afraid and reliant on the New World Oder.
  • The overlords now project an alien invasion to make us believe that our only hope for survival is to stay under their control.

Let me say this, no. If you look up in the sky and see a UFO being shot down by a military aircraft and decide it is a hologram, I can't f--- with you. Believing Project Blue Beam is real, IS the trick. At some point, the governments of the world decided they couldn't stop the picture taking, the videos or the reports of UFO's. They also knew they couldn't or didn't want to explain them so they leaked Project Blue Beam, to make you second-guess what you're seeing with your own eyes.

Click here for more on Project Blue Beam. I'm not wearing a tin-foil hat, you are.

We talked about this on the Monday (2/13/23) edition of the I-95 Morning Show, listen below.


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Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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