If you lived in the Greater Danbury Area anytime during the late 70's, 80's and 90's then I'm sure you remember Super Sunday at Marcus Dairy in Danbury.

If it's Sunday and you had a motorcycle, then there's a good chance you were hanging with thousands of other riders at Marcus Dairy in Danbury.

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It all started so simply in the early 1970's when motorcyclists would stop into Marcus Dairy before setting out for a long scenic ride through the hills of Connecticut and New York.

As the years past, the dairy became more and more popular with bikers and on any given Sunday morning a few hundred bikers would make Marcus Dairy their first stop before heading out on their trek.

Once the popularity of the weekly event started growing, Sundays became know as "Super Sundays", and the legend of Marcus Dairy was born. Soon thousands and thousands of bikers, some from as far as three or four hours away, would all congregate to get a quick breakfast and to show off their rides.

Enter Don Clady, who's name became synonyms with Marcus Dairy, he started to bring in motorcycle vendors, craft vendors, even music groups to perform. Don's heart was always in the right place as he used the rallies to raise money for local charities and for local area kids who were battling cancer or other diseases.

In its heyday, those "Super Sundays" resembled the famed rallies at Laconia, New Hampshire and Sturgis, South Dakota.

The "Super Sunday" events became so popular as word spread across the country, that in 1992 the national music channel MTV paid a visit to Marcus Dairy. The video that follows is what aired on an MTV News report in August of 1992.

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