Weather is something that affects us all. That's why it's such a great ice breaker. Perfect strangers can easily jump right into a weather topic that can begin as a short exchange and turn into a long conversation.

No matter how many seasons you have been through, when a new one begins, there is always that anticipation of what that change will bring and when it will start. For instance, I love autumn, it's my fav and


Here are the three reasons why Fall is the best season of all:

  1. Winter: it's dark at 4pm, who needs that?
  2. Spring: mud, allergies, done.
  3. Summer: it doesn't last long enough, like, ever, and you can keep the humidity, I'm not a mushroom, I don't need it.

Which brings me to Fall. The colors, the perfect temperatures, fleece, who doesn't love fleece. The only problem with Fall, it's over in about a week. But while it's here, let's pumpkin up! #teamautumn

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