While we were waiting for the snowstorm, I started thinking. Sometimes, yes I know, that can be scary. But, sometimes, I must admit, I have some pretty interesting thoughts.

For instance, I have often heard the sayings, "no two snowflakes are alike," "if a snowflake melts and refreezes it takes on the same shape," and "snowflakes are perfect." I am sure you have heard them too. Well, guess what? It turns out we have been lied to for all of these years.

Actually, NBCnews.com says that snowflakes fall into 35 categories. They can be similar but not necessarily unique. Snowflakes do not refreeze into the same shape (if you think about that for a minute or even less, that really sounds kind of ridiculous), and guess what, my friends, snowflakes are NOT perfect!

This video shows the anatomy of the snowflake and if not for anything else, it certainly is pretty cool to watch.




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