The countdown is underway until the day a $24 million New York Lottery winning ticket expires. One week from today the owner of the ticket may no longer claim the cash.

According to, a grocery and tobacco store in Manhattan listed as: Renu Corporation, Grocery & Tobacco--158 Church Street, Tribecca sold the ticket. So anybody from Western Connecticut or the Lower Hudson Valley could have purchased it, and the winner could be among us!

People can only claim lottery winnings within a year after the drawing. So what happens if no one steps up with the ticket on time? tells us the money goes back into the prize pool to be given away in the future. In some cases, it goes to supplement huge jackpots and special lottery promotions. But meantime, we still have seven days, so we might as well check around in places like the kitchen gadget drawer, or maybe even the underwear drawer (that's where Mr. Morning keeps his old tickets). If you’ve got it--don't wait-- contact the New York lottery office at 518-388-3370. Hey you never know.

But I know one thing, all I have is parking tickets which is a whole other story (not winning).

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