A 22-year-old UConn linebacker has been hospitalized after suffering a stroke last Wednesday (October 10). Courant.com reports that Eli Thomas from Elmira, New York, suffered the stroke right before he was scheduled to begin a weightlifting session.

Thomas is not a stranger to injuries. Before coming to UConn, he spent two seasons at Lackawanna Community College where knee injuries led to three major surgeries. However, Thomas bounced back enough to begin his first UConn season as a starting linebacker. Last month in a game against Syracuse, an injury to Thomas' neck forced him to miss two games.

UConn coach Randy Edsall said that the unexpected can happen anytime:

Every day, you just never know what can happen. Things like this are just very unfortunate. It’s one of those things where [you take it] one day at a time and do the very best you can every day because you just never know what can happen.” - UConn Coach Randy Edsall

Thomas is in stable condition and is making progress. We wish this young man the very best and a very speedy recovery.

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