I don't know if you have noticed it yet, but there are some leaves in the area that are already changing color, and you know what that means — some spectacular fall foliage is on the way.

It's one of the nicest times of the year, autumn in the northeast. The fall foliage is legendary around here, drawing people from all over the country to our area to witness nature's beauty. The main time to catch all the spectacular colors is during peak weekends, so it's kind of important to know when the best times are and when the foliage will be at its most scenic.

Now, no one can be 100% accurate when it comes to the progressive changing of the leaves, but with this guide you'll get a pretty good idea when to plan that drive through the hills of Litchfield or that leaf peeping trip to Fahnestock State Park in Carmel.

The folks at smokeymountains.com have put together a great interactive fall foliage chart, and this is the basic timeline for our area:

  • Now through September 24th: Expect Minimal or Patchy Changes
  • September 25th through October 1st: There Will Be Partial Color Changes
  • October 2nd through October 8th: Colors Start Getting Vibrant, Near Peak
  • October 9th through October 15th: This is Peak Time
  • October 25th through Early November: Past Peak

With that, you have to keep in mind that weather and temperature play a big role with the leaves changing, so unseasonably warm or wet weather could change the timeline a bit, as could early chilly weather or an early frost.

Either way, the leaves will change, at some point it will be breath taking, and then the raking begins, so enjoy.

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