Hey there fellow feline fanatics, it is Feline Friday!

It has been a week of snow, craziness, forecasted snow and then not what we expected weather. It is as though Mother Nature has been telling us "ha ha, you may think you know what's coming, let me throw you a curve ball." Seriously, last week I saw the beginnings of crocuses, the first hint that winter is over. Then, BAM, winter is back. Cold, snow...ugh! I'm so done. As much as I hate spring allergies, winter has long worn out its welcome.

Mother Nature has sure been showing her sassy side lately and there is not much we can do about that but just sit back and wait for her to calm down. With that being said, I was feeling a bit sassy. I think I must have watched this cat and her sassy strut 100 times.

Happy Feline Friday. Happy Caturday. Happy Weekend.

Meow =^..^= Meow

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