Looking for the best place to go sledding after a nice snowstorm in the Hudson Valley?

Winters in the Hudson Valley are one of the things that some people complain about more than anything else. Yes sometimes winter can get crazy but at the end of the day when fresh snow lands in the Hudson Valley, there is nothing that compares to the thrill of hitting the snow on a sled or a tube.

If you are like me and have lived here for many years, being a "lifer" does have its benefits, right? You probably know some of the shortcuts to get to certain places, and more importantly, you probably know exactly how to handle a snowstorm!

After fresh snow, we clean our cars off, shovel and or plow our driveways, and once all o that is done we grab our sleds or snow tubes and head out to some of the great "hills" in the Hudson Valley to get in some quality sledding time!

No matter where you live in the Hudson Valley there has to be one place that almost everyone calls the best place to go sledding. Those are the places we are looking to hear about so after scrolling through all our favorite sledding locations below, if we missed the sledding hotspot in your neighborhood please send me a text through the Wolf country app so I can add your location to our list.

Before you layer up and grab your sled, the locations below were all submitted to us by friends and some of them might not permit sledding for everyone so please check with them before you start flying down their hills!

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