Life in Connecticut can be overwhelming, there is a lot to do. We all need to say and do certain things to save ourselves time and heartache. If you always said what was on your mind, it would cost you. If you always spoke in complete sentences, it could be exhausting.

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This is why we (CT folks) resort to speaking broken English and/or altering our speech, it's just easier.

12 Popular Ways to Shorten Conversations in Connecticut

Folks from Connecticut are busy, so we have little methods we use to achieve brevity. Here are 12 Things CT People Say That Can Shorten Conversations.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

This really could have been several different lists but when I seperated them, it didn't feel like Connecticut. Once the array was mixed together, it made for a complete package that felt more like a busy Connecticut human being.

It's funny abot saying "wow" and "that' crazy" there are still people who truly miss this cue. When I say "that's crazy" I am trying to spare your feelings. I can hear my mother's voice in my head telling me to think of the other person. I can hear my wife saying, "maybe they are lonely?" Those thoughts keep me hanging in there for a few more minutes but it does not last forever.

There comes a point where I start to believe the other person might be f---- with me. That is when my angry little man takes over. My angrly little man is a stickler for the tasks of the day. My personal "to-do list" does not get shorter because I was kindly bobbing my head all day. At some point, all the participants of the conversation need to go home, right?

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50 Photos from Danbury's Vibrant San Gennaro Festival

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Greater Danbury's 13 Most Amusing Photos Captured by the Google Car

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