If you haven't noticed recently marijuana is becoming more and more available to responsible adults and with it being legalized more and more by the day we thought we would have a little fun talking about some of the nicknames we've all heard the leafy substance known as marijuana referred to.

Whether you smoke or not, I think most of us have referred to marijuana with a different name at one time or another. I know that when I was growing up both my mom and my stepdad were kind of the "hippie" types so they were smokers. My mom was a Woodstock attendee and loved to share with everyone that she was there and anytime she would talk about it she would always mention how she and her girlfriends scored some of the best "reefer" they ever smoked while at Woodstock.

I know that as I get older and started to experiment with different things I did try smoking a few times but was never a fan. I never liked the way it made me feel. I was always getting the munchies, I would get paranoid and then I would want to sleep. It just never did it for me!! I would rather drink a few beers back then while my friends all lit up.

One thing we did have in common was that we all had a different nickname for it. I called it "trees" for many years. What was the nickname you had for marijuana? Before you scroll down to see the 11 most popular nicknames we came up with, one of the best responses we got was from a lady who told us she called marijuana "Daddy's Whoopass". Why? She told us that's what her dad would do if she was ever caught with it....LOL!

11 of the Most Popular Nicknames Smokers Call Marijuana

What people call marijuana.

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