When you have made the decision not to cook then getting some take out is the next best option.

You don't want to just roll the dice and go and get take out just anywhere. You want a place that has a history, a long tradition of some great take out.

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Since the pandemic, many restaurants have relied on their take out business to stay afloat, and that also puts them in the running for some of the best take out places in Danbury.

There's a melting pot of different cultures in the city, and that means that our list incorporates many different flavors of food. From traditional American cuisine, to foods from exotic lands, Danbury has a plethora of places that rank rather high on the take out meter.

Now to be perfectly clear we did not include any fast food places on this list for obvious reasons, so all the places you'll see are traditional restaurants that do offer sit down dining as well as take out services too.

Here's a look at 10 places that I have either tried, or know someone who's gotten some take out from. So don't cook tonight, try one of the 10 best places to get take out in Danbury.

10 Of The Best Places To Get Takeout In Danbury

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